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NetMD helps companies solve real-world business problems with a comprehensive suite of IT solutions, including consulting, system design, technology procurement, implementation, and support services.

Founded in 2000 and restructured in 2003, NetMD based its business on three core concepts: service, solutions, and integrity. We partner with our clients, providing unlimited access to some of the most talented professionals in the industry.

NetMD’s personnel have, at some point in their careers, worked on some of the largest networks in the US, from hospitals and studios to municipalities and the military. Our expertise is not limited by vertical market or technology. We have successfully installed and designed concept solutions that have become industry standards.

We look at situations from our client's perspective, providing viable solutions to real-world problems. We advise our clients and educate them from real-world experience. Often our clients call on us to make product recommendations and provide insight into new technologies which we have often already deployed.

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