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Business Network Services is a fully managed solution that allows your organization to lever the experience and expertise of our engineering staff in the planning & design, implementation & management, and monitoring & maintenance of the voice and data network. These three phases make up the life cycle of voice and data networks.

Network Life Cycle

Network Lifecycle

NetMD can fully manage this life cycle, taking care to ensure that every step is handled properly and that your IT infrastructure receives the care and attention it needs. Managed Services are suitable for augmenting your existing IT staff or creating a virtual IT staff for companies that currently do not have dedicated IT personnel.

Planning & Design

Evaluate the business of the customer and identify the role the voice and data network play in contributing to ongoing operations. When the business goals are determined, an assessment of the current infrastructure is performed.

Information about the business is combined with the assessment to determine the design. Decisions and choices are made to reliably fulfill the future needs of the business and to establish predictability of future capacity, services, and spending over the life of the network.

Implementation & Management

The finalized design is mapped to an implementation plan. Scheduling is determined and the implementation begins. All hardware and software are installed with the industry's best practices combined with our knowledge and experience. During the course of implementation, we further collaborate with the customer in the process of viewing the voice and data network in the context of their business objectives.

After implementation is complete, the network undergoes rigorous testing. Each point of the design is called out to the customer and is submitted for acceptance.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Post-installation maintenance and monitoring of the network is essential in the overall satisfaction and continued operation of the voice and data network. Servicing the network and monitoring its health prevents many problems and avoids unnecessary downtime and data loss. To maintain high-service levels, we proactively monitor the network components for uptime and utilization. In the event of failure, an engineer is notified of the problem and begins working to solve the issue.

Network equipment is maintained with the latest software versions, vendor patches, security updates, and virus updates. We monitor data backups to ensure they are functioning properly and make necessary network changes as required.

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