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NetMD has been a provider of equipment, software, voice, and data service since 2000. Although our primary business is consulting, implementation, and ongoing support, we have built many relationships over the years that allow us to purchase software and hardware below wholesale rates. These savings are passed onto customers that source through us. We are authorized for resale from many vendors; however, these are the primary authorizations we have.

  • IBM
  • HP
  • DELL
  • 3COM

Today, we offer a complete procurement solution to better serve you. In addition to being able to sell you products at the best price, our comprehensive procurement solutions include:

Solution Architects with discipline-specific expertise, who work to ensure that you receive the best solution and price for your organization.

Pre-Installation Services can pre-configure all of your equipment from routers to servers prior to shipping.

Project Managers with long standing industry experience and references, who oversee every aspect of your project and are your point of contact.

Implementation Services: through our vast network of hand-selected contractors and employees, we have people with the expertise needed to implement many vendor specific solutions.

Our procurement solutions ensure that you not only receive the best price for a product, but also, more importantly, our guarantee that the solution will work.

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