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Toyota Dealer GM, Over 70% of Toyota Dealerships have not met TIS Techstream requirements. NetMD can help you complete your TIS Techstream Wireless Installation to meet your dealership requirements for the TIS Techstream program. Earlier this year you should have received your information packet from TIS Techstream providing your information, instructions and the requirements to install a commercial grade wireless Access Point, complete a wireless site survey and complete the online forms located on the TIS Techstream Website.

As you know you will not be receiving your TIS Techstream Mobile Diagnostic tablet PC’s until you dealership has meet the Wireless Installation and security requirements. As an certified and authorized service provider we will facility the TIS Techstream process for you at a fixed rate. The process takes about 1-2 weeks to complete and your dealership will not be penalized so long as you register for installation now. Our 10 Point Installation process is simple…

1. Order your Tech Stream Install Online by emailing

2. Create a profile for your Dealership at the store website

3. Order Part Numbers part numbers: TSINSTALL, AIR-AP1131AG-A-K9, AIR-PWRINJ3=, 47127WH-100

4. Within minutes of your order you will receive an email confirming your order.

5. Within 24 hours your installation coordinator will contact you via email or phone.

6. Your equipment will be delivered to your location within 5 business days.

7. Your Installation Coordinator will schedule an installation engineer to come to your location and setup the wireless equipment.

8. The installation engineer will then install the equipment, survey the site and document the installation per Toyota TIS Techstream requirements.

9. Your Installation Coordinator will update the TIS Techstream website with your installation information. You can view the information online at:

10. You will receive a short survey about your installation experience. Please note that once the wireless equipment is installed and the TIS Techstream website updated, you will have complied with the Toyota TIS Techstream requirements for the wireless installation.

You will be responsible to complete the order Confirmation Form for your TIS Techstream diagnostic tool. The order form can be located in the original information packet provide to you from Toyota regarding the program. If you are unable to locate the form in the packet it can be downloaded directly from the TIS Techstream website.

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