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Citrix Design & Implementation

Our feasibility studies molded the beginnings of what Citrix had initially based its Consulting Services on; however, our pricing and end-to-end project approach are based on our long standing experience. We have been providing solutions to meet the demands of industry-specific applications and vertical market requirements for 12 years. NetMD has extensive Citrix Metaframe and Presentation server experience in medical systems, manufacturing, retail, and Oracle-based solutions for call center and financials applications.

We can provide the following consultancy and project services to Citrix customers:

  • Proof of Delivery
    Trial of a proposed solution by delivering a production quality environment.

  • Feasibility Studies
    Projects to investigate a customer’s current situation and requirements.

  • Architecture Design
    Detailed documentation of the ideal Citrix environment and configuration to meet your infrastructure and strategic requirements.

  • Full Lifecycle Project Delivery
    Turning your design into a fully deployed, standardized, documented, and supported solution.

  • Secure Web Delivery
    Configuring secure browser access to applications both within and outside the organization.

  • Application Deployment
    Creating standardized application deployment and profiles to reduce application silos and ease administration

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