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We added the (s) by bundling all the security software into our service for free!

The NOC team handles IT issues so you don’t have to!

Our professionals are trained across many Information technology platforms and operating systems like Cisco IOS and Windows. They proactively configure, maintain and monitor your business technology for peak performance.  We have partnered with leading MSP Application developers to create powerful web based IT automation and computer management tools that we licenses to our clients for use with our service.  Most other MSPs have to purchase their management software licenses and pass those intensive licensing costs on to their clients.   Because we own our software we don't have to charge exorbitant fees for our service.

NetMD will keep your IT systems running and keep your business safe from Hackers

We leverage our significant experience, combined with industry-leading I.T. solutions, to create an I.T. environment that will support your business workload and objectives.

How do we do it?

  • Regular Maintenance – to ensure optimal operation and error correction

  • Installation of Updates and Upgrades – to stay current and safe from threats

  • Help in Planning for Tomorrow – because no technology lasts forever

  • Monitoring of I.T. – to watch your systems for dangers and anomalies

  • Remote Support –  so our engineers and technicians can instantly start fixing the issue.

We are IT professionals who care about the proper function of your IT systems.

We don’t wait for something to break, costing you money and lost productivity, before we act. With our monthly Managed I.T. service plan, you get proactive support to help keep your systems stable – operating smoothly and safely. We want to help your business operate with increased efficiency and greater  productivity.

Do you have an overwhelmed in-house IT employee or department?


We’ll take the tedious, daily maintenance tasks off of their plates, so they are free to take care of in-house projects and focus on the strategic  goals that further your company’s bottom line.  Give your most knowledgeable resources the help they need so they can focus on business goals and projects that need to be  completed while we take care of the day to day tasks that traditionally keep them bogged down in a reactive support situation.

Network Operations Center  (sNOC)

You can reduce your headcount and the associated costs while at the same time increasing service levels to your end users using our Managed Services. We have experienced and certified engineers but the key is we manage and direct their activities on your behalf when we manage your infrastructure. We have the full package of technical expertise and the necessary management skills to give predictable control and performance over your costs and infrastructure.


Our systems engineers take on the tasks for the maintenance and upkeep of your systems whether they are located at your offices, at one of our datacenters or both. Our management tools and expertise combine to give you piece of mind that your infrastructure is taken care of no matter what the circumstances.

Web Based Unified Threat Management


As part of our Critical Care Services, our customers receive unlimited remediation support and consultation from our Network security experts. When an incident is identified, CERT team will take the necessary steps to mitigate the threat before damage is done, including making configuration changes on managed devices or simply working hand-in-hand with your team until the issue is resolved.

We validate firmware, signatures, security patches and virus protection signatures patch levels as part of our maintenance service as well as keep eyes constantly on glass to ensure your systems are safe and appropriate responses to security threats identified in your Unified Threat Management portal are acted upon. We utilize the latest UTM Technologies, Encryption and two factor Authentication methods to provide this service.

Intrastructure Monitoring, Logging & Alerting


We monitor your systems for network performance and errors that provide us with advanced notice of problems before they happen. Historical network and device utilization statistics give insight by providing information on network trending that allows for troubleshooting and capacity planning. Customized monitoring policies and alerting notifies us before equipment fails or is overloaded. NetFlow traffic management allows us to see and report on the types of traffic crossing your network


Our system displays the real-time status of system performance, services, connections, and other system parameters. Green indicates everything is fine, orange indicates a warning, and red indicates something needs immediate attention.


Integrated Email Security & Encryption


In today’s business environment email has become a critical application.  Unfortunately email is also a referred transport method for hackers to attack your networks.  That is why we include the industries best and most awarded email security protections without services to protect your users from the latest identity theft, password and banking scams and other incidents.


We can keep users productive by intercepting all emails containing suspicious content, attachments or URLs.  We employ the latest antivirus and phishing detection technology that constantly updates in real-time to detect the latest threats. We also block unwanted content using MIME type and extension filters and employ Data Loss prevention Technology (DLP) to ensure sensitive data is not leaked to the internet from your email systems. 


Our service includes email encryptions and a self-service end user portal to manage email filtering and quarantine files to reduce the administrative overhead of the system.   Detailed reporting via the Web Administration portal is also included. .


Web Usage, Alerting and Drill down Reports

Generate Overview Reports or detailed Activity Reports on devices, users, sites, applications, alerts, services, errors, software, bandwidth, and any  traffic that flows through your Network.  Our reporting tools provide comprehensive filtering interfaces and seamless Activity Directory integration making it a breeze to get the reports you need. 


All of our systems are Web Based and work using HTML 5 so that you have dynamic drill down reporting that allows you to easily get to the root of the problems.    You can build customized dashboards for ongoing reporting and schedule re-occurring reports as many as you like at no additional costs.  You can also be alerted based upon any number of triggers such as site access or bandwidth used. 


Because our systems use gateway proxy agents  that leverage, WMI, Syslog, and SNMP for agentless reporting you can be assured our software is simple to deploy and will not impact your individual systems because there is no software to install.  This also means that if network connectivity is lost our gateway agent will spool your data until connectivity can be re-established to our datacenters ensuring there will be no gaps in reporting later.


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