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Business Continuity Planning


Advanced data backup and disaster recovery to ensure the future of your business.


What Would Happen To Your Business If  Disaster Struck Today? “Is my current data backup solution really protecting me from everything that could go wrong?” Do questions like these consume your thoughts?


NetMD offers state-of-the-art Cloud Integrated Automated Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions for our customers.  We have partnered with a number of service providers and Solutions Including  Acronis, Veeam, Baracuda, Microsoft,  Synology, and Unitrends.  Using three Latest in Backup Technologies and Local NAS Solutions we can re-invent your organization's Backup and Recovery strategy creating near-realtime RTO solutions for critical infrastructure.   We encourage our customers to test their DR Recovery and Backup solutions regularly. 

For those seeking to leverage cloud storage, we strongly recommend Wasabi 

"We have included multiple backup solutions as part of our service but we highly recommend the pairing of Nakivo and Wasabi as the most viable feature-rich High performance backup and DR solution." 

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We have Deployed an Enterprise DR Site in our IaaS  DataCenter running HPE Entperise Hardware with to Support automated failover of your Critical Servers.  For just $15 a month we can replicate your Physical Servers and VM's to multiple Datacenter Clusters and provide you with near Realtime RTO service levels using Nakivo MSP Backup and Replication Software.

 "We can Backup and Replicate  all of your Physical and Virtual Servers off-site to Wasabi, Backblaze B2, Amazon AWS, or any (2) other S3 supported cloud Storage Archives  delivered at a fraction of the cost of using traditional Tape drives and Iron Mountain offsite storing tape storage."  **Cloud Data Storage Costs are billed directly to the customer.   We recommend Highly Wasabi because it supports High-Speed connections for direct Backup and Restores without charging any additional fees for Data upload and downloads like other versions 1 Cloud Storage services. 


Current Features Supported with Version 10
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