Business Continuity Planning


Advanced data backup and disaster recovery to ensure the future of your business.


What Would Happen To Your Business If  Disaster Struck Today? “Is my current data backup solution really protecting me from everything that could go wrong?” Do questions like these consume your thoughts?


NetMD offers state-of-the-art Automated Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions to organizations that want to protect themselves not only from data loss but loss of system operations.


"We have included multiple backup solutions free as part of our service but for a minimal cost we can provide you a full blown fail-over and DR solution. " 

We have Deployed a Full Blown DR Site in Peak 10 running Nakivo backup & replication.  For $15 a month we can replicate you VM's to our Data center cluster and provide you with near Realtime Fail-over Services for your Servers.


 "Your Free Backup and the Replication of your VM's off site to Amazon AWS for Long term Archive is delivered at a fraction of the cost of using Tape drives and storing tapes offsite."  **AWS Storage not included.

"Cloud Berry has a great Tool to estimate the costs of your Backups to the Cloud."


Click the Image below to go to there site and see how much it will cost to store you backups in the cloud.

"As a Cloud Berry partner we offer discounted rates for CloudBerry!"


CloudBerry has the most flexible and mature cloud based backup solutions. If you are looking for a solution that support multiple Cloud providers and you have a large network to backup CloudBerry might be the right solution for you.


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