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We Invented the Proactive Approach To IT Management in this Industry.

Leverage our seasoned staff and customer focused model that has been proactively providing monitoring, management, and support of large complex network systems, for Fortune 500 companies Nationwide for the last 16 years.


We have a proven track record of proactively identify problems before they occur and have invested thousands of man hours automating scripts in our system to instantly fix many of the issues in real time.

Think of us as an extension of your companies IT Department.

We strategically optimize and protect your infrastructure while performing the day-to-day maintenance that keeps your users from experiencing downtime.


Let us show you how our Flat-rate "Critical Care" IT Support plan means you can stop focusing on how much IT support is going to cost, and focus on growing your business instead.

When it comes to your business data and technology, can you trust your IT guy to make you successful in the long run? Remember that every time something breaks, or you have network and computer problems – He profits! But not so when everything is running smoothly. Would you pay a sales person more when they don’t sell? Not likely. In order to get the benefit from your business technology, you need a true long term partner who practices proactive IT management – not some IT guy who sits around waiting for something to break.


NetMD can provide you with IT Support and Management that can take your mind off technology problems and has the reach to deliver that service World Wide.


Managed IT Services from NetMD will give you:

  • Peace of Mind – Security, Backups, Exchange, Servers. Let us take care of your network so you can “Do What You Do” and focus on your business.

  • Productivity – With our 24/7 monitoring we proactively STOP most problems, and this means less downtime and BIG cost savings.

  • Staff Support – With our flat rate plans, we can empower your staff to contact us directly when they need help – so you don’t have to worry about each little thing that requires our attention.

  • Fixed-Fee Plan – For less than the cost of a single new employee – who can take sick days and vacation – you get a team of IT experts, who are always available and ready to attack any problem.

  • FAST, Remote Response – You get reliable IT help FAST when you need it. With our extended Service Plans we will dispatch Technicians onsite to replace faulty equipement within 4 hours.

No matter if your business needs technology consulting, computer network maintenance services, IT management services, wireless networking, IT support, network consulting & integration services, network & server support, computer network installation, on-site & remote support, or wireless networking, we've got the solution.

Our team of professionals represent the brightest in the IT industry. With our knowledge and expertise, we can take the stress out of technology and let you focus on your business. Our computer network maintenance and IT Support experts are there for you, night and day.

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