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We design networks that are resilient and easy to manage.  When you have a network your company depends on reliability, security, speed, and it should contain redundant paths with automated failover designed into giving you a true multipath solution resilient network solution you can count on.


We have designed and installed thousands of network solutions where reliability and continuous operation have been the focus so our hospital clients could literally save people's lives.  We believe that in today's rapidly and constantly changing technological environment it's crucial to have a solid network design that is specifically tailored to meet the goals and needs of our clients for the next 3 to 5 years.  The network is the foundation on which all your applications and data will be communicated it must be secure, reliable, and support future growth. 


Our Consulting Engineers have been designing and building solutions in service provider and enterprise networks for the last 23 years.  Many people on our team are  Subject Matter Experts (SME)'s for various commonly used enterprise networking products.  However, our designed solutions are always based on the technical requirements of the client, not the capabilities or limitations of specific vendor products.  That is why we oftentimes implement  Proof of Concept Demos (POCs) and perform comparative product evaluations for our clients in an effort to protect their investments and ensure the products they purchase will ultimately meet the requirements and recommendations for the network solutions we design. 


Many of the networks we have built continue to operate as designed today proving the longevity and reliability of the solutions. In addition, many of our original designs have been certified and set the standards for network design in several different industries.


Profiles of our team members can be found on Linkedin.  Suffice to say that we are proud of the intellectual capital our professional services consultants and engineers bring to the table for our clients.



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