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At NetMD we believe that the value and quality of our services speak for themselves. We do not require long-term contracts as our services are provided on a month-to-month or project basis. We assess, design, build, operate, and improve every network we deploy. Our customers know that the cornerstone to their success stories have been based on the dependable and predictable IT environments we have deployed over the last 2 decades. We offer around-the-clock monitoring and management of all the underlying critical technology infrastructure that our customers rely on to operate.  As consultants NetMD resources have lead thousands of IT projects ranging from a simple site or technology migration to as complex as building a new Nationwide Network of Hospitals and Datacenters including leading the development of entirely new HIS, ERP, and MSP related software solutions.  

With NetMD, you get a real calculable value for your  investment:

  • The value-added licensing we provide with our service usually ROI's the cost of our service in less than 6 months.

  • You will obtain true reliability and 100% uptime capabilities for your workforce by adopting our services. 

  • Consolidate costs by leveraging our partnerships and special vendor purchasing programs.

  • Gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have someone truly watching you IT around-the-clock 

  • Save up to 60% off IT related equipment, warranties, and licenses purchases by using a certified reseller.

  • We complement existing IT departments by providing 3rd party verification and staff augmentation as needed. 

Contact us today and learn how to end your technology headaches once and for all.

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