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We have experienced resources on staff to enhance your IT staffs capabilities.


NetMD is a technology consulting and engineering firm committed to providing innovative technology solutions and services to our clients. Our goal is to assist clients in addressing specific IT business challenges and recommend  solutions that increase  performance, reliability, security and IT processes while improving the business bottom line.

Network Design
Build and Installation

Our Consulting Engineers have been designing and building solutions in service provider and enterprise networks for the last 15 years.  Many on our team are acting Subject Matter Experts (SME)'s for existing enterprise clients for multiple product lines such as Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, Citrix etc. 


Profiles of our team members can be provided upon request.  Suffice to say that we are proud of the intellectual capital our Professional services staff brings to the table for our clients.

Virtual CIO Services
Virtual CIO Services & Governance

Sometimes it is hard to find a good CIO.  We know which is why several of our clients have engaged our leadership team to fulfill the role of CIO until  board of directors can locate a viable replacement resource.  Your vCIO will even help to locate and vet those candidates. 


Duties include performing all the functions a typical in-house CIO would perform.  The vCIO will provide leadership and governance for the IT Department.  Align IT initiatives in support of the business model.  Develop budgets and reducing costs strategically while working closely with the executive team to ensure the IT service model is appropriately implemented.


Cloud Strategy & Migration

If you are considering moving to the Cloud we recommend that you engage a service provider such as us to help you to assess the feasibility and value of doing so.   We have assisted many of our clients in developing a Cloud strategy, Policy, and even migrating service to the cloud for them. 


We support and augment Cloud solutions with real world application leveraging products and services that enhance the stock service lines provide by most cloud providers. 

Enterprise Perimeter Security

Perimeter security provides the means to control access to network applications, data, and services so that only legitimate users and information can pass through the network. Our perimeter security solution is based on a methodology that has not been compromised in any of the perimeter solution we have deployed.


A layer security model that analyzes multiple threat vectors internal and external must be considered.  If you look at the news today you will see a lot of big names being compromised but none of them are our clients.   We specialize in protecting ePHI and PCI-DSS data on the perimeter.


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